Monday, 21 December 2009


The Mccanns are famous for this power of seeing into the future, in June 2007 Gerald McCann was preparing for a pop concert with Elton John....."it will be sooner than a year" he said. (Source: the Telegraph.)

Did I miss it?  It was certainly intended to be a World shattering event as the link evidences!

Question: How can any parent who claims their child has been abducted not know at any moment she may be found?  How can one even suggest a forthcoming event when the future is so uncertain?  Or did he know something that is not yet public knowledge?

Of course had the child not been left unattended  and open to danger there would not have been any chance of an abduction.  Why did they not use the Mark Warner baby sitting service?  The cost would have only represented a few glasses of wine which they seem to consume quite regularly and with great gusto! 


Ironside said...

The Mccanns are also preparing for the 1000th day that Madeleine will have been missing in January ??????

Anonymous said...

The idea the Mccanns could have stopped the archi ing of the case at any time is simply wrong and based on a total musunderstanding of Portuguese law. Why do so many people with such twisted views blether on about this case?