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New picture of Madeleine as the 'NEW' christmas appeal begins...
Above courtesy of Ironside
There are many who think that the McCanns should recognise their own guilt regarding the disappearance of their Daughter and the main reason that she is not with them to share this time, which we all recognise as the special time for all the children in the World.
Their guilt lies in the undisputed fact that they left Madeleine and their other two very young children, UNATTENDED AND OPEN TO DANGER, whilst they went out with their friends to wine and dine. In other words they were more interested in their own enjoyment than the SAFETY of their offspring.
Even if Madeleine is found she does not deserve to be returned to her parents, as they are certainly not deserving of her affection after they showed such scant regard for her wellbeing and that of her siblings.


Anonymous said...

You have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

Ironside said...

I have taken this post from the Blog 'Abuse of Power'

The Mccanns Christmas appeal will fall on deaf ears and here is the reason why. If the Mccanns wish their daughter to be found the answer is simple...


Comment from lj:

From someone who knows the Portuguese law and procedures:
The McCanns could have stopped the archival at any moment up to the end of the deadlines, or even force the reopening of the process now, if for example they requested to do the legal reconstruction with their friends, or if Kate McCann answered the 48 questions that were never answered, or if any of their Tapas friends requested to do new statements, etc.. Those would be evidences that would oblige the Public Ministry to reopen the process - which means that if the McCanns really wanted the process and the legal investigation into the disappearance [presumed death] of their daughter to continue, they could do it.
Also they could have asked for the investigation to go to the Instruction phase, which basically would have kept it open and would have given them the opportunity to be really cleared, not just not charged because there is not sufficient evidence yet. For some reason they did not push for that Instruction phase in 2008. Why not?

Original post on 3A

Ironside said...

Have just taken a look at the 'PAYPAL'

Your donations will be used within the guide lines of the Fund.


Note: this no longer states to search for Madeleine...One of the 'Guide Lines' of the fund is to support the Mccanns and their family. The Mccanns and their family are now all directors of the fund...and the crazy part , it is legal.

Blogger said...

The Fund does state:

(7) What is the money being spent on ?

The majority of the fund money has been and continues to be spent on investigative work to help find Madeleine. Additionally money continues to be spent on the wider 'Awareness Campaign' – reminding people that Madeleine is still missing and to remain vigilant. None of the directors have taken any money from the fund as remuneration.
Should the McCanns take any money for their daily living expenses then this would be classed as income, AKA remuneration. It is presumed that their travel, hotel and such expenses are part of the general costs of publicising and searching for Madeleine and are thereby acceptable charges against the fund.

It does seem from the construction of the Board of Directors that the legal and accountability controls are in place. We must rely on those people for the proper administartion of the Fund so that the public's contributions are used in the best possible way to achieve the ultimate objectives.

Ironside said...

The setting up of the fund.

I have to hold my hand up and admit that I gave a large amount of money to the fund..Well,large amount for me..I at no time had any idea that this money was meant for anything other than a search for a lost child. Had I known that the Mccanns had intended to use this for their mortgage and pay for a large villa rented after Madeleines disappearance I would have not donated....Living in Spain I contacted Esther Mcvey who at that time was a director of the fund...I asked her where was the Campaign that she allowed 80.000 pounds for here in Spain..There has never been a Madeleine Campaign in Spain. Esther Mcvey did not reply to my e.mail .
Sometime later she left the 'Fund' giving no explanation ....she also removed all information about Madeleine from her Website.

Ironside said...

Esther Mcvey..

Ironside said...

More on the appeal.

Blogger said...

This is the appeal in full:

It is heartbreaking for our family to accept the likelihood of spending a third Christmas without Madeleine. Her absence is even more tangible at this time of year. It is difficult also to believe that another year has passed by.

It has however been an incredibly busy year with so much hard work going into the investigation and campaign to find Madeleine. This fact alone is positive in many ways and probably explains why the last twelve months appear to have flown by! There is however also a feeling of great disappointment when the one thing that we want so badly still eludes us.

Some people (thankfully in the minority) may have their own reasons and agendas for wanting to discontinue the search for Madeleine, and for others it may be easier or more ‘convenient’ to give up. For us, there is no option, no alternative. We long for our ‘baby’, our daughter, our sister, our granddaughter, our friend, our dear sweet Madeleine to be home. This drive and perseverance to find her is not wishful thinking; it is reinforced by facts and evidence. The facts and evidence say: Madeleine is still missing and there is a very real likelihood that she is alive. Hence the search to find her must continue.

Whilst it has been left for us as Madeleine’s parents to find our daughter, there is no doubt that our chances of finding her are much greater with the eyes, ears, hearts and minds of the general public assisting us.

We would like to thank everyone who continues to support and help us. Thank you also for all the Christmas cards, kind messages, flowers and gifts, as well as the many masses and prayers offered for Madeleine. This wonderful support, together with the commitment of so many people to finding Madeleine is quite incredible and invaluable.

We can assure you that we will never stop looking for Madeleine and our resolve will not weaken, no matter what challenges are put in our way. We are prepared to pursue all avenues if it is felt to be of benefit to Madeleine. We continue to hope and pray that the coming year will be a happy and successful one.

Merry Christmas to all of Madeleine’s supporters and our best wishes for a very good and peaceful 2010.

Blogger said...

A comment from another Blogger:

Drs McCann,

No-one wants to discontinue the search for your daughter, the “small minority” to which you refer to as conveniently giving up want nothing more than for Madeleine to be found and for those responsible for her fate to be dealt with accordingly in the court of law. The facts and evidence inferred from the investigation files indicate that Madeleine is very likely to be dead and that she died in apartment 5a.

You could always request that the case be re-opened, you have had this option for a long time.

Drs McCann why don’t you do it??

Ironside said...

The Mccanns are preparing for another landmark. It will be 1000 days on the 27th January since Madeleine disappeared.

Source: the Telegraph

The Mccanns are famous for this power of seeing into the future,
June 2007 Gerald Mccann was preparing for a pop concert with Elton John.."it will be sooner than a year" he said.

Question: How can any parent who claims their child has been abducted not know at any moment she may be found?

Ironside said...

Scroll down to :

'A Stocking Filler'

By Dr.Martin Roberts.

Ironside said...

CEOP to go independent.

Ironside said...

Clarence Mitchel in the Middle East.

Ironside said...'s+Blog/articles/QkY_Z0GFKtj/Maddie+Video+Reveals+Image+Looking+North+African

CEOP is NOT working with PJ.

Ironside said...

Merry Christmas...


Anonymous said...

Merry xmas to you too, you twisted cow.