Sunday, 6 December 2009


Yet another book appears on the scene, which from the title, would lead one to consider that the writer has maybe another theory as to the "disappearance" of little Madeleine McCann! Visit the link.
Can't wait for it to be available.
Which makes one wonder - why haven't the McCanns penned their life story yet? - It's bound to come!


Ironside said...

This is the Blog of Mercedes in Spain. Mercedes also dedicates a lot of her time posting information on children who are lost or have been abused.The Caylee Anthony story is very disturbing as is Haleigh Cummins.Caylees remains have been found . Her mother has been charged with her murder. If convicted she faces the death penalty. Haleigh is still missing. Both mothers claim their child was abducted.Haleigh who was just 5 years old was 'abducted' from her bed. Caylees mum whose child was much younger claims the nanny abducted her. There is no evidence that a nanny ever existed. There is also no evidence of an abductor in the case of Haleigh.

When the news broke of Haleighs alleged abduction.... the Mccanns were very quick to jump on this. Not so quick when days later police were looking at the family.

British press ran with 'Haleigh Americas Maddie.'

It takes a few moments for translation so please be patient.

Ironside said...

Mccanns and Goncalo Amarals hearing.

councillor Blog said...

More in depth analysis of statements.

Ironside said...

PAMALAM after being threatened by Carter Ruck is still on line.

Ironside said...

Kate Mccanns Diary and her dislike of PJ.

Ironside said...

Photograps connected to the Madeleine Mccann case.

Anonymous said...

Is Brian Johnson British or American? I'm just wondering how he got away with publishing this if he is British, bearing in mind how they Carter Rucked Goncalo's book.

Blogger said...

Don't know but believe American, someone will tell us. As CR close things down, new ones will open - Amaral has his new book coming out on Friday. Everey time a Blog is closed down another will open. Ad infinitum.

Or at least until the truth is known.

Ironside said...

Brian Johnson is British but lives in the States...There have been some problems and he and his book seem to have disappeared.

There is a book called...Maddie 129 this has been printed in English and still available...129 is the amount of days the Mccanns spent in Portugal before they left after becoming arguidos.
Maddie 129 mentions the fact that Kate misplaced Madeleines toothbrush and hair brush so that DNA could not be supplied . They also go into the Tapas 7 and the fact that their stories do not add up.

Paulo Cristovoa also wrote a book . Cristovoa is also ex PJ but did not work on the Madeleine case. His book was written in the form of a novel but based on facts. He believes Madeleines body was taken out to sea. Both books were written long before GA released his book. The Mccanns threatened to sue both of these authors and 'Blasted' their books. To date both books are still selling and the Mccanns have not taken any action.

ironside said...

Maddie 129

Ironside said...

The Star of Madeleine