Tuesday, 5 January 2010


The seven witnesses that Dr.Amaral will call during his trial (hearing) with the Mccanns commencing on 12 January 2010.
1) Magalhães e Meneses, the Public Ministry prosecutor who held the main prosecution file on Madeleine
2) PJ Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida, the detective who compiled the powerful report dated 10 September 2007 which concluded that there were strong indications that Madeleine had died in Apartment 5A, adding in his report that “from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, did not want to deliver up Madeleine’s corpse immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility therefore that it was moved from the initial place where she died”
3) PJ Inspector and McCann family liaison officer, Ricardo Paiva, who was at the heart of the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance
4) National-Joint Director of PJ in Faro Guilhermino Encarnação,
5) The PJ's Serious Crime Unit Director Luís Neves,
6) The former Judiciary Police Inspector and Criminologist, Francisco Moita Flores, the one who famously said that it would be ‘one of the 10 or 12 individuals’ in what has been called the ‘Tapas 9’ group that was most likely to know what really happened to Madeleine, and finally,
7) Scotland Yard Inspector, José Freitas
Above courtesy of Ironside
Should be an interesting following what happens!


Anonymous said...

There is a report on Joana Morais' blog that sadly Jose de Freitas will be on leave on 12th January and therefore unable to attend the first day of the hearing. Hopefully everyone else will manage to get there.

Blogger said...

I don't think we will hear any witnesses on the first day. It will probably be taken up with the Lawyers' opening remarks and background to the case.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing de Freitas will remain on leave for as long as necessary.

Blogger said...

That could give the court (and the Judge) a message!

Ironside said...


The Information about Det.Sergeant de Freitas is coming from here.

Blogger said...

I will be in Portugal from 12 January so will be able to follow the action from the Portugues standpoint. Unfortunately I will not be in Lisbon but will certainly get the news from the media. The Blog will be kept up to date as best as I am able outside of my own office.

Ironside said...

Good evening Blogger I hope you have a wonderful trip and that the sun shines for you every day. I have to say I feel nervous for Dr.Amaral.

Best wishes


Blogger said...

I presume that the Judge will do her job in accordance with her obligations and that justice will prevail whichever way it goes. Personally I cannot see the justification in continuing a ban on Amaral's book. However my opinion is only based on what I have read and observed in the media.

Whatever happens, the person or persons concerned with the "disappearance" of Madeleine McCann will evenually get what they deserve even if it takes a lfetime.

Ironside said...


Translation in English

Ironside said...

Good morning Blogger. More demands from the Mccanns.


Ironside said...


Portrait of Madeleine Mccann.

Ironside said...


Anna Andress...The 12th January.

Ironside said...


latest from Dr.Martin Roberts

'Libel to Become Unstuck'

Blogger said...

After reading the link from the last comment I wonder what the McCanns will do if they fail in their bid to beat Amaral.

Perhaps they will then want to sue Carter Ruck? That would be fun!

ironside said...


Mccanns demand book to be destroyed

Blogger said...

And pray what will they be able to do about all the books that are already owned by members of the public such as myself?

We have the Portuguese version and also a full printed English transcript. No one on Earth can take them away from us, nor can anyone prevent us lending them to our friends and colleagues. The word of Amaral will continue to circulate by such means and the actions of the McCann group will only tend to create a black market and probably an even greater demand for his writings. Thousands are probably already stockpiled ready for the Judge's decision.

In the end the McCanns will achieve absolutely nothing and they must realise this will be the case. Which leaves one to draw the positive conclusion that their sights are set ONLY ON THE MONEY THEY HOPE TO WIN.

Should they fail in their attempt to win the case, then Amaral is set to become the MILLIONAIRE that the McCann's were hoping for themselves!! QED

Ironside said...


Maddie kidnap link...

Good morning Blogger the problem here is that no one knows the 'Joana' story in England.It is truly horrific. The Mccanns have tried to link this with Madeleine and the fact that Dr.Amaral was also the detective on the case.

I will send you a link.

Ironside said...


The Joana case...

Ironside said...

While the Mccanns are worrying about this book ...Amarals second book appears to be doing well 'The English Gag' and is all over the Internet...in this book he mentions the pink blanket, Madeleines comforter and .....well we shall have to buy the book to see.

There are also a lot of files that the PJ have not released to the public . I would imagine the Mccanns would do anything to know what they contain. Oh ,to be a fly on the wall at Rothley.

Ironside said...


Jose Defreitas will not testify.

Ironside said...


Mccanns return to Portugal.