Sunday, 31 January 2010


There is a concensus of opinion that the Madeleine McCann case will not be solved until more work and research is done by the Portuguese Police.  The co-operation they have received so far from the McCanns and their Friends, the so called Tapas seven, has been abysmal.  The McCanns have decided that they are best qualified, together with their hired detectives, who have so far proved to be totally ineffective, to solve to mystery of Madeleine's disappearance.
It is about time that the Portuguese Police were allowed to continue their investigations, and a Petition has been organised to request a re-opening of the case.   In this respect the McCanns should give their utmost assistance and at least agree to a full reconstruction of the events of 3rd May 2007.
The petition can be found here:


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Maddie sends the twins a birthday present.

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On a lighter note Clarence Mitchell profile.

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The Petition has been closed and these are my findings.

I have noticed something that may interest you. A Petition to re open the Madeleine case...Now, everyone has signed and many have put reasons why they would like this re-opened.

Kate not answering questions

Not returning for the reconstruction

They suspect the McCanns

They believe Maddie is dead.

All chuggiing along nicely ,,then suddenly I spotted that someone dare to put their toe in the water and mention the Gaspar statement ..The Petition is closed.

My thoughts and they are only mine if GA had not mentioned this in his book the Mccanns would not be going after him.

There are other books one in particular where the author also ex PJ believes Madeleines body was thrown out to sea...McCanns are not sueing him.

Imagine the reaction...a friend who is not also a Doctor but a friend of McCanns and the Paynes gives a witness statement to police and her concerns about an event that happened between McCann and Payne involving Madeleine.

A child is missing ....and a Doctor friend is suspicious of Payne...she even mentions she thinks he may be interested in looking at pictures of children.

Bad enough ,but then add to this that the statement from this Doctor was held back by Leicestershire Police....How damning would that be?

This statement may have had an innocent explanation....But now it looks from where I am sitting very suspect.

NEGLECT would be the last thing on anyones mind.

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The Heart of the Matter