Saturday, 20 February 2010


Despite the result of the McCann - v- Amaral bout that was decided in the Lisbon Court this week, there is still much support for this amiable detective and his theories.  One must realise that his conclusions were not just fanciful ideas, but were drawn from the results of the Police enquiries and evidence gleaned during the investigation of Madeleine's disappearance.  And, of course, his and his team's years of experience.

We believe Madeleine is dead, our family and friends believe Madeleine is dead and almost everyone we speak to, believes Madeleine is dead.  Any abductor, if ever there was one, has nothing whatsoever to gain by keeping her alive.   The enormous reward on offer has yet to be claimed which is another indication that despite such a large sum no one is able or prepared to come forward.  Such a sum would normally encourage someone to grass on their best friend, or even their family, but so far it has brought forward absolutely nothing.  Perhaps this indicates that the circle of people with the knowledge is either very small, or restricted to those who would have nought to gain by presenting the facts.

We wonder if the McCanns have yet learnt the lesson of leaving the children unattended.


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Just a little link for those interested.

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And this one which Ironside has put on an earlier posting. Listen to Mitchell's comments on the use of the Find Madeleine Fund . . . . .