Sunday, 21 February 2010


Hmm - Tricky one this, but bound to be good for a few votes!
Being such "important people" and more deserving that the rest of the UK population Kate and Gerry McCann have sought the assistance of  David Cameron to help find their daughter Madeleine at a half hour private meeting with the Tory Leader.  Well, almost private, as Andy Coulson, the Tory director of communications, and Clarence Mitchell were also present.

Apparently, Cameron said that if he became Prime Minister he would do all he could to give the case priority and do anything in his power to discover what happened to Madeleine and relieve the frustration and disappointment the McCanns had suffered.

It has also been disclosed that last week the McCanns also had a private meeting with Home Secretary Alan Johnson.  His reaction seems to have been less positive.

We cannot understand if this latest publicity stunt was for the benefit of Madeleine, her Parents "search" Fund, the would be PM Cameron, or Clarence Mitchell who is hoping to win a seat at the next General Election?  Your guess is as good as ours.

It is also reported that on Friday last, Kate McCann was very tearful as she spoke of the “heartbreaking” failure by police to follow up new leads.    Did their own Private Dicks do any better we wonder, apparently not!

Maybe if Kate and Gerry got off their arses and started actually looking for Madeleine themselves they may find her.  After all they were the last ones to see her alive!  They could start in PdL and the surrounding area.


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PROFILER Lee Rainbow suspicious of Gerald McCann...said this may be a homicide

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Woman from Rothley speaks her mind...

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UK British Press at Mccann conference..

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Another comment I found.

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Snippet of interview with GA and MF.


GA – The window made me doubt. And not only that.

MF – But I do insist on the window. The mother said that she never touched it.

GA – That she never even opened it.

MF – Now, when I read the process, I realised that her fingerprints were on it. And positioned in a manner that coincides with an opening movement.

GA – It was with that, with Kate’s fingerprints on the window that I wanted to catch them.

MF – That’s the truth of the lie.

GA – Among other things. It was one of the best games that I ever saw played out, to divert attention from what really happened in the apartment. The manner in which they “worked” for the Smith was brilliant.

MF – The couple that recognised the father carrying the little girl.

GA – Exactly. It was done in such a manner that at one point in time, it was Gerry himself who informed that someone had witnessed the situation, as if the person that was recognised had been someone else.

MF – Wearing the clothes that the friend mentioned for the photofit.

GA – Precisely.

MF – Do you still drink beer, or did you stop drinking red wine after the news in the English press?

GA [laughs] – I never drank wine. I don’t like red wine.

MF – What really made them mad was being made arguidos.

GA – Now that you know the process, tell me… Under the old Penal Process, how do I ask Kate: “Are you lying when you say you didn’t touch the window? As a matter of fact, it was you who opened the window. We have material evidence of that.” A question like this forces the constitution of arguido because it invades her sphere of constitutional rights. I have to give her the right not to reply, instead of lying. The only solution was to make her an arguida.

MF – Things were different in my time. She would have been under such an attack that before she realised anything, she’d be in jail.

GA – Right, but in your time, in our old times, investigation was made with fuel. Now we all move on honey. Apart from that, this is a process that is uncomfortable for everyone. Nicely archived, nice and quiet, that’s how it looks better. Everyone was happy.

MF – And nobody was tried.

GA – Not yet…

MF – Do you still believe?

GA – It’s too big and too serious a burden to be concealed by so many people for their entire lives.

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McCanns injunction

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PCC comments

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'EXCLUSIVE' Spanish interview...Translation in English many thanks to Merceds.

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The questions Kate refused to answer.

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Ironside,I have just wached a clip of the mccanns when they went to see the pope it's on Anna Andress site
Gerry distinctly presses the popes third knuckle,not once but twice.This I am sure most people are aware off is a signe of Masonic membership,the third degree.
It was so blatant yet no one seems to have mentioned it

Blogger said...

Sorry Anonymous that is not a sign of recognition of the 3rd Degree in Freemasonry.

A Freemason said...

Also bear in mind that the McCanns are "strict" Catholics and the Catholic Church is anti Freemasonry. See: