Thursday, 18 February 2010


The PORTUGUESE Law is an ass.   Or at least this is our opinion having heard the news that the injunction banning Amaral's Book remains in force.

However, what the McCanns and the Portuguese Courts CANNOT do, is have all the books that have been sold and are in circulation, banned or re-called.  We have copies of both the Portuguese and English Text of the book "The Truth of The Lie" and we can lend it to as many people who wish to read it. 

We could even point people to Web Sites where the text can be downloaded if we wished and if we were asked.  We will just have to have a quick look at the legal position first as we would hate to give the McCanns any opportunity to sue us!   Wouldn't do them much good however - you can't get blood from a stone, as they say!

The Black Market will be alive with pirate copies within days, or even hours with modern technology.  In fact it could be made available as a download within a very short time.

Of course there are also other similar books available that explore the "evidence" of the alleged abduction and draw similar conclusions to Mr Amaral, they have been ignored by the McCanns, why we wonder!  Is it a case of persecute the prosecutor who was old enough and wise enough to realise the Truth of the Lies?  Time will tell.


Blogger said...

One would have thought they would show their delight at "winning" the case, but the picture shows that the gloom is still present.

IRONSIDE said...

I think there is very little for them to celebrate . The news they had hoped to keep secret is now out. Robert Murats first Court case against one of the tapas has begun..Tanner...then we have Fiona, Rachael and O'Brian who flew back to PDL and confronted Murat in front of police. The reason. They insist he was outside ap.5a on the night Madeleine vanished. There were over 100 people that night searching for Madeleine (Not the parents) all either know, or know of Murat not one person saw him.

IRONSIDE said...

The Mccanns were treated like VIPs during the hearing allowed to leave and enter by the Judges door.

Anonymous said...


I am interested in getting a copy of the book and wondering if you could provide me a link of downloadable file to my email address:

Also, if possible, please delete my post to request the link to the file.

Thanks so much!

Blogger said...

All you have to do is use your Yahoo or Google and search for "The Truth of the Lie English" and you will be innundated with a choice of sites to visit.