Saturday, 20 February 2010


We see that the McCanns are now crying over the fact that they do not seem to be getting any help from the Portuguese or English Police when "leads" are reported to them.  We are not surprised.

Perhaps if the McCanns had left the Police in both countries to do their jobs instead of interfering by producing their own monstrous publicity campaign and by employing their own Detectives, the Police would have got on with the job and we may have seen a positive result by now.  We are sure that both Forces dislike the McCanns efforts to criticise the work they were doing and as such we think they have now all but left the McCanns to their own devices.

The present private dicks do not seem to have done anything useful and, in fact, have probably had a negative effect on the matter by apparently just attempting to find a scape goat and assisting in the depletion of the Find Madeleine Fund.  For so called intelligent individuals the McCanns can certainly make some peculiar decisions!

If the McCanns want the case re-opened, as they are suggesting, then first they must "call off the dogs", give the Police ALL the help they can and get the rest of the Tapas group to do the same.   Some honest statements need to be made, and possibly a genuine reconstruction in PdL of the events of 3 May 2007 with ALL of those involved present.   The amount of work and cost that will be involved could maybe be considered as unjustified when the central figure may well be beyond finding, or even dead.  The McCanns fighting fund could, of course, be handed over to the Police to offset the cost to the taxpayer!

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