Thursday, 20 May 2010


An anonymous reader has raised the fact that Gerry McCann, when speaking about his cycle ride in the Etape to raise funds for the Limited Company formed to deal with the donated funds to find Madeleine, said:

"I finished 171st out of over 3500 finishers so there is not much room for improvement next year!"

Do we take it from that statement that he is not expecting to find Madeleine in the next 12 months and will wish to cycle for funds yet again?  From this can we also assume that he is privy to some information about the whereabouts of Madeleine that we are yet to have revealed?

Are Carter Ruck aware of the faux pas and also others made in the past?   We wonder what their reaction will be, or are they just content to continue relieving the Maddie fund on paying their (no doubt high) legal fees?


Anonymous said...

None so blind as he who will not see. McCann June 2007 'I want to have a big event it will be within the year'

ONLY a father who knows his child will NEVER return would make such a remark.

McCann quote

'There is no EVIDENCE to IMPLICATE us in her death.'

IRONSIDE said...

Madeleine 'Fighting Fund' and online shop began days after Maddie 'Vanished'

Anonymous said...

Losing track of a toddler and a REAL mothers love.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Christian Ludke on the McCanns.

Source JKH.Abuse of Power

Anonymous said...

Who are the Tapas 7?

Is it a coincidence Robert Murat looks like David Payne?

Three of the group returned to say they saw Murat the night of the 3rd but what if it was Payne who was seen by someone . The group once more covering their backs?

Anonymous said...

Timeline to ARGUIDO:

Ironside said...

This from 'Proud to be a child neglector'

Ironside said...

Another McCann Scam outed. Today the SUN tells of new witness..

New WITNESS outed from 2007

Carlos Moreira...a touch of amnesia just days after Madeleine disappeared, leaves a comment...Three years later his memory returns. Suggestion a finger moved.. to keep the Mccanns Fund money rolling in and thoughts the child though drugged, was alive.
One has to ask how are they still getting away with this?

Blogger said...

See Post of 9 January for little girl in PINK!

We should have alerted the Newspapers and got a pay off for filling a page or so of their rags!

IRONSIDE said...

The Godon family stayed in Ap5a and left the same day McCanns arrived. They too had a caller asking for donations...this happens a lot also here in Spain.

Gail Cooper with the aid of the press made a mountain out of a mole hill.

From the police statement of Mr.Gordon. The Press , the McCanns and Brian Kennedy tried to pressure him.

I think we all can see where this was headed....another photofit and TIME for the Mccanns ,,, to tell us of the 'abductor'calling only days before they arrived...

I was sad to see Mr.Gordon said he felt like a 'Pawn'...and played no part in assisting the Mccanns.

He told the TRUTH to the POLICE...that was his duty and nothing more.