Saturday, 15 May 2010


He'll be there somewhere
A reader posted the following link to Gerry's 81 mile bike ride:

We visited the site and after reading the Limited Company history we moved to the "Donate" page.  We were confronted with the Objects of the Fund as follows:

The full objects of the Fund are:
To secure the safe return to her family of Madeleine McCann who was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007;
To procure that Madeleine’s abduction is thoroughly investigated and that her abductors, as well as those who played or play any part in assisting them, are identified and brought to justice; and
To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine’s family.
If the above objects are fulfilled then the objects of the Foundation shall be to pursue such purposes in similar cases arising in the United Kingdom, Portugal or elsewhere.
We would like to comment that there is no evidence that we have seen, from forensic means, by reliable witness statements or otherwise, indicating that Madeleine was actually abducted.  As there is NO such evidence there can only be a suspicion of an abduction having taken place and consequently there can be no certainty that there is, or was, an actual abductor.    Hence, the object of the fund is flawed in its conception by such references having been made.
Perhaps were better to change the wording to "who disappeared", "Madeleine's disappearance" and "anyone connected with her disappearance" etc. etc.
From the preceding it would therefore seem that the Fund Objectives have been specifically created to give support and financial assistance to the family.  Furthermore the final object (If the above objects are fulfilled) is TOTALLY conditional on the primary objects being achieved, therefore no other missing child or family will obtain any help from the fund whatsoever until the Madeleine case is solved - and maybe not even after that!
We have decided NOT to donate!


IRONSIDE said...

The 'Fund' set up in such a way (the Mccanns are now directors) they may live from this for the rest of their days.

The only 'PROOF' of an abduction is the say so of the Mccanns. If I tomorrow were to tell the police my child had been abducted without a shred of evidence and my best friend saw a man running off with my child. Would I be believed????

It sounds a comical story but thats exactly what the Mccanns said and they are living proof that crime does pay.

IRONSIDE said...

Interesting article on Madeleine

IRONSIDE said...

Everyone cycled for Cancer research..all except one, who cycled for his own Company.

IRONSIDE said...

Screenshot...people tried to stop this but voices went unheard as usual.

Blogger said...

He came 173rd but don't suppose he cares as long as the money rolls in!!

At least there is some hope of curing Cancer. . . . .

Finding Maddie is a different ball game, or should I say cycle ride?

IRONSIDE said...

Good evening Blogger there are a lot of complaints on twitter such as this...and they have said they will come back to us. But, I fear once again the Mccanns are untouchable until SOMEONE breaks their silence .

From twitter

@macmillancancer Can a Director of a Private Company use Etape logo to promote his company & ask public 4 money

IRONSIDE said...

MacMillan have tweeted it is legal for Mccann to race for whom he chooses .If we wish to complain go to someone elses door.

From Twitter

macmillancancer We’re the beneficiary charity of Etape, but bikers can raise funds for causes they wish.To raise concerns pls contact

IRONSIDE said...

Latest from McCanns blog...

Update: May 18th, 2010
I competed in the Etape Caledonia on Sunday, May 16. Due to mild conditions, excellent pacemaking (especially Duncan Morrison number 1172) and a following wind the whole way round, I managed to come in well ahead of expected in 3 hours 51min 27sec. I finished 171st out of over 3500 finishers so there is not much room for improvement next year!

Thanks to all who have sponsored me and especially Andy Renwick, Alan Crombie, Paul MacIntyre and Michelle Jeffrey for support on the day and donating to Madeleine's fund.


Blogger said...

Maybe you should have been somewhere else searching for your Daughter!

Anonymous said...

McCann quote

I finished 171st out of over 3500 finishers so there is not much room for improvement next year!


There he goes again planning ahead..Madeleine wont be found soon then...