Friday, 2 May 2014


We have now reached the ninth anniversary since the mysterious disappearance of little Madeleine McCann.

We have already seen the publicity machine in action with TV interviews and coverage in the Press; no doubt more will follow.  The facial expressions of Kate McCann are the usual sad images we are used to seeing whilst Gerry seems to still convey his rather carefree attitude and a certain remoteness to what is happening.

Kate is still blaming the lack of progress finding Madeleine on the lack of cooperation twixt the British and Portuguese Police.  Surely she must realise that any abductor is not going to hang around the scene of the crime, or even the Town or Country where the crime was committed.   She is almost oblivious to reality and shows no gratitude for the money that it being spent, or the work being done to find her child.  If she can do better let her try.

Also Mrs Kate McCann does not seem to consider that she and Gerry were the prime causation of Madeleine's disappearance!  As has been said by many people, many times, had Kate and Gerry McCann NOT left their children unattended, no harm would have come to them.  Why did they NOT use the excellent baby sitting services available to them?   What a completely irresponsible action to take.  Thank God all Doctors are not tarred with the same brush!   Would you trust them to look after your health and perform heart surgery on you?

If Madeleine was abducted, and is now part of a new family, it is fairly obvious that she would be settled and conditioned to her new environment.   If however, she is not alive, then no amount of police time or money will bring her back.  In either case maybe it is time for the McCanns to get on with their life and just remain hopeful that one day she will be found.


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This is really rude. A couple have lost their child, show some respect.

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Your comment has been published Anon! Why not tell us what you think happenned or or are you just one of the sympathetic sideline who shout a lot but do nothing?
Everyone is interested in seeing this case closed, so all opinions , theories or comments can help if sifted along with other evidence available.

We suggest a read of Detective Amaral's book, The Truth of The Lie. Therein lies the evidence gathered at first hand within hours of the alleged abduction, and it is STILL only an ALLEGED abduction! There is NO direct evidence that an abduction took place on that night 7 years ago!

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7 years!

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Ha! The 'lack of co operation' between the UK & Portuguese Police forces has been caused by the McCann's continual interference of the same. I truly pity those individuals who believe the incredulous abduction theory. For those who do, I politely suggest perusing the Web and reading up on forensic evidence pertaining to this case.