Friday, 7 August 2009


Today's Express is once again giving front page news to the case of the missing Madeleine McCann. It seems that a well respected businessman, a Banker no less, was approached by a Victoria Beckham look alike just 72 hours after Maddies disappearance, who asked him if he was "delivering" her new Daughter. This happened in Barcelona just a short days hop from the Algarve where Maddie was allegedly abducted.
Can this be real? Or is it just another red herring to keep the publicity machine going? How on Earth can a Banker, who one would regard as having more than a few grey cells, keep such information to himself for over two years? Where was he in the few days after Maddie disappeared? Did he not read newspapers or watch television? And why has he now come out of the woodwork to splash this information around the media?
With this information at their fingertips, surely the detectives should have kept it to themselves, which would have given them a chance of finding the suspect without alerting her to the hunt? Or is it just an excuse for a jaunt off to the Antipodes for these Private Dicks who so far appear to have achieved very little in the quest to find Maddie? Time will tell!
Watch out for the next exciting episode. Which has come quicker than anticipated!
The day following the above report, new headlines tell of a "mystery yacht" that upped anchor from Portimao Harbour the day after Maddies disappearance and has not been seen since! The Captain, if the helmsman of a 40 foot yacht can be called such, told the harbour authorities that he was going to Albufeira about 30 miles along the coast. Apparently it did not call into Albufeira - maybe there was a change of mind as to where they would sail next, or did they say something that sounded like Albufeira?
The incident was made known to the Portuguese Police and searches have failed to find any trace of the yacht. Apparently the yacht was Swedish registered but the name of the vessel has not been publicised, if it were indeed known. With the thousands of motor yachts in and around Europe looking for a white yacht whose name is not known could prove very difficult, but will no doubt give the detectives another month or so in employment.


Councillor John Oddy said...

Councillor Blog,
I know you are aware of my theory on this unfortunate incident and I believe you have hit the nail squarely on the head with your comments.
The poor little mite is, regrettably, a long time dead, the victim of an accident or mischief we may never know. I suspect her parents hold the answers to the many questions on peoples lips and it is they who have to live with the tragic consequences of their actions.

Ironside said...

Living in Spain and knowing the customs of the night life in Barcelona (Not part of, I might add)Any ex copper worth his salt, would maybe first of all check the goings on at 2a.m. in this busy city. Drugs and prostition are rife not to mention muggings. 'Daughter' is slang for 'Quarter'. If this event did indeed take place and I have to say I have my doubts. A woman at two in the morning would be looking to score."Have you got my daughter" would be correct. Though why someone would think this would be with reference to madeleine is beyond me.However gerry did mention it yesterday while visiting us here in Spain but it is all very hush hush.