Saturday, 22 August 2009

Cann the Red Herrings!

Over past weeks there has been a number of so called "leads" in the Madeleine McCann abduction case.
First we had the British paedophile who was languishing in a German Hospital but who had "been seen" near to the Algarve apartment from which Maddie was "snatched". This lead seems to have fizzled out.
Then came the mysterious woman who approached the skipper of a yacht in Barcelona asking if he had her "new Daughter". Despite an excellent description of the suspect as being a Victoria Beckham look alike, nothing more seems to have come from that lead.
Following on from this was the Australian yacht that never was in the Algarve but that gave the hired "dicks" the chance to have a few weeks in the Antipodes at the expense of the Maddie search fund. Like all the other leads and pieces of information nought has yet come from Oz.
How many more of these red herrings will we be subject to before someone comes up with something really worthwhile? One question many ask is, are these Detectives employed by the McCann fund, only restricting their enquiries to such pieces of information or are they retracing all aspects of the case including investigating those persons who were made Arguidos by the Portuguese Police? It could be that by going over old ground some aspects of the case could be interpreted in a different way and alternative conclusions realised.


Claudes said...

"One question many ask is, are these Detectives employed by the McCann fund, only restricting their enquiries to such pieces of information"

On the face of it this certainly appears to be the case. I'm led to believe though that it is Kennedy who bank rolling Edgar and Cowley not the fund.

Another question is who is drip feeding the so called new leads, where do they orginate from?

councillor Blog said...

The book written by Goncalo Amaral the Portuguese Detective, called Maddie a Verdade da Mentira is an excellent read and puts a different perspective on the investigation that he and the Potuguese Police conducted. The English translation is roughly "The Truth of the Lies". Unfortunately it is not published in English yet so you have to know a bit of Portuguese.

The McCanns were apparently going to sue the pants off him. That is something else that has gone very quiet. I wish they would try that as I am sure it would open a veritble can of worms as they would have to prove what he said is NOT TRUE!

IRONSIDE said...

Speaking of Books ,Amaral releases his latest today. I feel another trip to Lisbon coming on. lol

By the way for those that do not know Barcelona very well. The night life is full of muggers,prostitutes and women at 2 am in the morning looking to score.

Anyone worth his salt in the Drug Squad would know that 'daughter' means 'Quarter'

Have you got my daughter? would be correct for someone looking for a quarter of hash.

Rhonda Wyllie owner of said Yacht, is good mates with Rupert Murdoch. Knowing this I am surprised that they ran with the story. Rhonda, is now more famous for being a Mccann suspect than she is for all her Charity work and Donations to cancer Research.Rhonda Wyllie is one of the richest women in Australia.