Sunday, 9 October 2011


Since the recent announcement of the introduction of 30 British Police Officers being allocated to the case we have not yet had any feedback or news of any progress.

Of course the trail is cold, but maybe a good chat with Detective Amaral would help to light a spark in their endeavours.  Will the British Police take notice of the evidence presented during the Portuguese investigation?  The cadaver in the bedroom and the car, the missing tennis holdall, the blood behind the setee, the evidence from independent witnesses not connected to the Tapas nine?   The questionable statements of the McCanns and their friends and all the other pointers highlighted by Amaral?

I hope the Brits do as good a job as we know they are capable and serve Justice on the perpetrators of this crime.  Whoever they may be!   Or will the Officers merely regard the whole exercise as a great Algarve holiday in the Sun, as so far we have had no information on progress.

Will families in the future who experience a similar incident get the same support and attention?  Let's wait and see!

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