Tuesday, 24 August 2010


This link arrived on my desk and takes one to some very interesting reading with exchanges twixt Carter Ruck and Tony Bennett (not the singer).

And interest from America

And something of interest to phone tappers!



Joey_Nova said...

I'm glad people over in the states haven't forgotten and are asking questions!

Anonymous said...

lets hope the americans keep asking questions,you never know a little tid bit might come out of it
to expose the mccanns for what they are

IRONSIDE said...

I care for all missing children and have no doubt most of them are harmed at the hands of those who should love them most, their parents.

Haleigh Cummings a little girl who harmed no one disappeared and it was claimed by the one taking care of her,Misty Croslin that she was abducted from her bed. I do not believe in 'Child bed abductions' and have yet to find one that does not have a HUGE question mark above it.

The Mccanns through Clarence Mitchell used Haleigh and the British headlines screamed 'Americas Maddie'....

They dropped Haleigh or any interest of what happened to this sweet little girl..because the police pointed the finger at the family.

If you were to ask the McCanns today about Haleigh Cummings they and Clarence Mitchell would say 'WHO?'....

It leaves me asking what kind of people are the McCanns?

ChathouseCares...do just that, THEY CARE, without asking for donations, they write and question, give out facts and try to find the truth of what has happened to all of these lost children...for many like Madeleine, their remains will never be found...

The McCanns would never understand.

BUT ChathouseCares will never let them be forgotten...because every child matters.

Anonymous said...

Love the new lay out very posh.