Wednesday, 21 July 2010


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This, from Gerrry’s own blog:

“There has been much reported in the media recently about Raymond Hewlett. As far as our investigators are aware, there is no evidence to link him to Madeleine –he is a person of interest to the inquiry rather than a suspect. Following the sensationalised reporting in certain sections of the media with regards to Mr Hewlett, our investigators wished to interview him in order to eliminate him from the inquiry. Despite our investigators requests via Mr Hewlett’s lawyer, their attempts to conduct an interview were unsuccessful as we were simply unwilling to pay. It is very disappointing that certain elements of the media felt it appropriate to pay a convicted paedophile (whether that be directly or indirectly) in order to obtain a ‘story’, whilst those people who are qualified to carry out such enquiries and who are genuinely looking for Madeleine were unable to do so. ”


What planet is this guy on????

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Cloud nine.