Monday, 26 April 2010

The Maddie Transport Fleet

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Himself said...

Might I leave you one, by way of constructive criticism? and that is all it is, constructive.

If you wish to read and taken seriously, then it must be, one font, one size, and one colour.

I do appreciate that you have different contributors, but it's like visiting a train wreck, or worse still, it's not unlike some of the teenage social networking pages that one might stumble across on occasion, unreadable.

If you don't have the wherewithal to rectify the situation, you can do one of two things, let me in for a day, or, which would be more preferable, let me tell you how to do it yourself, which I might add is far easier than you might imagine.

And a little tip if I may be so bold.
The dot that you employ to stop the text resting on the base line, you can do the same at the top to lower the text from the title header, as I do myself, but before final posting, just colour the dots the same as the background.


Blogger said...

Hello Himself. You are thanked for your comments of which some, one or none will be incorporated into any new posts. The Blog is not set up as the be all and end all of the publishing craft. It is the efforts of just ordinary citizens untrained in Media studies. In the history of this and 3 other Blogs, which have been running for a few years, we have never had any complaints about anyones inability to read and understand, or indeed any other criticism of the colour, style or layout. Style or Fashion is a personal thing and we are happy to present the Blog in our own way. Those who visit can like it or not, that is their prerogative. However, we are sure that if we went "your" way there would also be criticism that the Blog lacked colour or style.

We are reminded about a rock and a hard place, and truly believe that one cannot satisfy all of the people all of the time. We do try!!

IRONSIDE said...

Hi Blogger ,Hi HIMSELF...DEUCE I round LOL...