Sunday, 13 September 2009

McCann - v - Amaral

Following on from the European ban on the sale of Detective Amaral's book, "The truth of the Lies", the McCanns now appear to be after blood according to a further report in the press. Surely the McCanns must realise that a European ban will only serve to create a much larger demand and one will be able to obtain copies through the Internet from places far and wide. There will also be a secondary market for the book in other languages and we can just see the translators already getting their heads down over their desks and other language volumes will be available within days if they are not already.

Despite the book ban there is a 6 part video available on the internet where Amaral explains in graphic form his findings and theories (with English translation). This is the first part. It may be illegal to watch it, we don't know, but we are sure many people have and many people will continue to do so.

We think everyone has formed their own opinions on what may have or may not have happened to Madeleine McCann. One thing we cannot understand is why the McCanns are so anxious to suppress Amaral's words! Surely whatever he has said will stimulate thoughts in other people and keep the matter of the missing child before the public at large. Their attention should be 100% on the job of finding the child, dead or alive, whichever the case may be.

This is the link to another video and an English transcript but is marked as "censored" in the UK.


Carneades said...

There's a great deal more, of which this is very interesting:

Ironside said...

Mccanns to attend Amarals trial.

Blogger said...

Maybe just what we have been waiting for! Everyone will be in court and it is an opportunity for many questions to be asked and answered.

Ironside said...

I would love to agree with you BLOGGER but I fear a deal has already been done. Mr. Amaral will be destroyed by the Mccann machine.Where that leaves Madeleine in all of this I have no idea.

The police files are in the public domain. The book is based on the police files. However, the Mccanns have through their lawyers Carter
Ruck managed to stop editors from printing the results of these findings in the british press. The british people know only what they read and have no idea there is a darker side to this story. The Mccanns are making sure that this remains the case.It is a sad time for Portugal and its people.It is also a sad time for England who now lets two NHS doctors dictate what we may or may not read.